Scale B2b Sales, Effortlessly

Sniper Funnel brings the best of enterprise modern B2B marketing to SMBs. We help our clients scale their account-based marketing/sales efforts. Sniper Funnel is focused, scalable, and waste-less. It is powered by data & automation  

Engage B2B buyers in INDUSTRY

We Outperform Traditional Marketing

Sniper Funnel focuses resources and sales efforts to maximize conversions

Helping Clients Boost B2B Sales across various Industries

We take care of all non-sales tasks that drain energy of your team

Sniper Funnel saves 4+ hours every day for each person, so they can focus on winning opportunities. Everything is taken care of.

  • Data Extraction & Analysis
  • Research & Prioritization
  • Data Entry & Cleaning
  • Follow-ups

We provide an app to boost your productivity

While everything is automated, we provide you with an app to never miss an opportunity. 


Sniper Funnel builds a predictable scalable funnel that books meetings with your ideal buyers.

our unique differentiation is to offer a powerful technology solution alongside

Strong Customer Relationship

Our clients find us as their peers. We treat their businesses like ours. They need us, they message us or we jump on a Zoom call. We are in this together. We succeed when our clients are winning.

Get a world-class team to boost your growth

We fell in love with the magical power of data and Artificial Intelligence. Over years, our team have built and implemented many cutting-edge products/solutions. We offer our world-class team of data scientists, business people (MBA), entrepreneurs, designers to find creative ways to execute a personalized outreach program for the maximum conversions.

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Let us show you how we can help you find and win more of your ideal key accounts in a fraction of time and resources. We take care of everything for you.